Planning a final project

With the semester rapidly accelerating to an end, it’s already time to begin planning a final digital media project.

I intend to pursue a story about how The Boston Globe and its reporters use Twitter for journalism. The topic is both relevant to my beat and local to the Boston-area.

Yesterday, I contacted Adrienne Lavidor-Berman, social media producer for and The Globe, to explore the feasibility of this project. Given that it was Election Day, I did not expect to receive an immediate response and still have not heard back. But I do believe this project can be done.

Aside from Lavidor-Berman, I plan to speak with a couple Globe reporters who are active on Twitter, possibly Glen Johnson and Milton Valencia. I would also seek outside voices to analyze the effectiveness of The Globe’s efforts to use Twitter. A social media strategist and an expert from either the Nieman Journalism Lab or Poynter could provide this voice.

A story could definitely be built from these interviews. Additionally, I will shoot a slideshow and video consisting of images from the Globe newsroom and sit-down interviews with the reporters and outside analysts.

When finished, I hope to give a comprehensive report that serves as a case study on how one major daily news organization is using Twitter to improve or change reporting.

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