Female executives, or the lack thereof

A recent study showed that the majority of Twitter users are women, yet a MediaBistro writer noted last week that when it comes to the company’s administrative ranks, female executives are a distinct minority.

In fact, Shea Webber wrote on MediaBistro’s All Twitter blog that the company employs just one female senior executive.

Though this subject is not directly linked to the use of Twitter in journalism, it is relevant generally to the social media platform and how it develops. The operations of Twitter are important to any and all of its users.

A day after Webber’s posting, MediaBistro offered another post that seems to compliment Webber’s piece. In it, Lauren Dugan reports on a study from Beevolve, a social media monitoring company, that showed 53 percent of Twitter users are women.

These two studies struck me as quite obviously connected. If most Twitter users are women, why is only one woman, Katie Stanton, high up in the corporate structure of the company? It seems like a breakdown in representation.

I’m not suggesting any explicit gender bias within company ranks, and Twitter executives seems to be doing just fine so far in developing their Internet service. But it would seem that if Twitter is to continue its ascent as a dynamic platform, an equally dynamic administration representative of all users is needed.

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