Twitter tweeters

Tuesday was a good day for choosing Twitter users to follow.

Twitter announced a number of changes, including new or updated applications for Android, the iPod, and the iPad, and the company debuted its new header photo feature.

When I began to search for people to follow on Twitter, I soon realized that I could use this news as a tool in my selection.

Because The Little Bird Told Me is above all else a media blog, I searched through lists of popular media critics, analysts and fans, trying to identify the most relevant users for my purposes. In the end, the people who I chose to follow generally are those that had the most insightful, or just the most, tweets about the Twitter updates.

For instance, I found Ethan Klapper, the politics social media editor for The Huffington Post, in Jay Rosen’s Young Smart Newsies list. I decided to follow Klapper when I saw his tweet about the changes to Twitter and their resemblance to characteristics of Facebook.

I chose to follow a couple other Twitter users in a similar fashion. Some people like Jeff Sonderman of Poynter and Brian Stelter of The New York Times I already knew from reading their stories or learning about them during past projects. Still other users like Callie Schweitzer and Jeff Jarvis I chose to follow because I’ve frequently seen them retweeted by other media reporters I follow.

By these methods I compiled a list of 10 Twitter users I will actively follow to help me keep up with the Twitter beat. I will follow more than just these 10 accounts, but they nevertheless form the foundation of my following list for this blog.

1) @twitter – It’s not a person but is nevertheless a crucial account for the purposes of The Little Bird Told Me. The main Twitter handle offers posts about Twitter’s initiatives and news, and is like an extended version of the company’s blog. It will be very useful for finding information.

2) @brianstelter – He’s a reporter covering the media for The New York Times and is very active on Twitter. He’s a good source for news about any aspect of journalism, and Twitter is no exception.

3) @BuzzFeedBen – The editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed tweets and retweets often, very often, about almost everything. Anything significant that happens on Twitter will probably at one point appear on Ben Smith’s feed.

4) @andrewphelps – Andrew Phelps is a Nieman Journalism Lab reporter who will soon join the Digital Platforms team at The New York Times. He certainly has experience in new media, and hopefully he’ll continue to have unique insight on the subject when he’s with The Times.

5) @jeffsonderman – Sonderman is a digital media fellow at the Poynter Institute and is always on top of stories about innovation in online journalism. He wrote about the changes to Twitter on Tuesday.

6) @cschweitz – Callie Schweitzer is a former deputy publisher of Talking Points Memo. She is a self-described lover of news and technology and often tweets about new media innovations like Twitter.

7) @ethanklapper – Klapper, as previously mentioned, is the politics social media editor for The Huffington Post. Twitter is obviously a subject important to that position, so he has an interesting perspective on the platform and how it is used with a news site like The Huffington Post.

8) @ckanal– Craig Kanalley is a senior editor at The Huffington Post. He is interested in, and tweets about, journalism and technology. Twitter is at the crux of both subjects.

9) @jeffjarvis – Jarvis is a leading thinker in the field of journalism. He tweets about topics relevant to the media, of which Twitter is one. On Tuesday, he checked into Twitter headquarters on foursquare and tweeted about it.

10) @mediatwit – Mark Glaser is the executive editor of MediaShift at PBS, which is devoted to covering digital media. Twitter is very much a part of this, and Glaser is a good source for learning about MediaShift projects.

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